Room in New York Ny City for $170 per week


Roomtype : Room
Price : $170 per week
Street : Bedford Park
Space : 147 m2
Place : Ny City
State : New York
Start date : 2019-02-04
Views : 185


$127, room weekly rental. call 646-202-1897 private room and bath. shared kitchen. amenities such as central air, near transit. call us for more information. illustrated rental ad only. $171, renovated room vacancies. call 646-202-1897 nice large room for rent. utilities included
your share of the monthly rent is $700 a month
shared large kitchen. no email. male or female ok. $150, room rental. call 646-202-1897 nice room for rent with wood floors, high ceilings, $158, furnished private room. call 646-202-1897 great building. rent stable. lots of natural light and linoleum floors. illustrated rental ad only. $153, unfurnished room for rent. call 646-202-1897 neighborhood. illustrated rental ad only. $170, room weekly rental. call 646-202-1897 need a room? check for availabilities. bad credit? no credit? need to move in immediately? illustrated rental ad only.
call 646-202-1897