Room in New York Brooklyn for $160 per week


Roomtype : Room
Price : $160 per week
Street : Prospect Hts.
Space : 118 m2
Place : Brooklyn
State : New York
Start date : 2019-01-31
Views : 162


$171, furnished private room. call 646-202-1897 move in ready rooms. these rooms have radiant heat in the winter and central air in the summer, a lot of closet, and these rooms are recently renovated. illustrated rental ad only. $170, weekly room. call 646-202-1897 reasonable price room rentals in new york city. prices range $135 to $500 for furnished and unfurnished rooms. near amenities such as transit, shops, parks, and theaters. call now to check room vacancies in desired area. illustrated rental ad only. $160, rent room per week. call 646-202-1897 quiet neighborhood, near public transit, and laundromat nearby. bad credit? no credit? no problem. check for room availability and others. illustrated rental ad only
call 646-202-1897